A successful marriage between two disciplines that could only meet!

On the one hand, yoga brings peace of mind, serenity and balance between the body and the mind, and the stand up paddle in constant contact with the water element, which provides a well-being and a possibility to evolve in Isolated and magnificent places, where serenity and calm are present.

A healthy and relaxing osmosis …

Unless otherwise indicated by your doctor, yoga in a stand up paddle in Cannes will allow you to develop your concentration, to feel a general well-being and above all to evolve on a stable board adapted to this practice.

We prefer to practice yoga in stand up paddle in the morning or in the evening at sunset when the sea is smooth and the calm is present on the water. Far from the hustle and bustle of the day on the Côte d’Azur. We also offer a two-hour escape at the foot of the fortified monastery of the island saint Honorat, located just opposite Cannes, for a yoga session ressourcing and full of spirituality.

A moment of absolute relaxation, where you can test different postures in order to work on your breathing, concentration and meditation.

Our stand up paddle boards are perfect for yoga practice, and experienced teachers will accompany you on the water and give you the keys to make the most of this physically and mentally enriching experience.